Total Care

Total Care

Today's Small-to-Medium businesses (SMB) (less than 200 users) need information technology. A proper IT infrastructure is supposed to improve the overall operations and efficiency of a company.

Links between customers and vendors, remote operating employees, automation, and relevant technologies tend to let your business grow. To achieve these objectives requires professional IT support. Yet most small businesses can't afford to hire full-time IT professionals. This alone causes internal non-proficient employees to make lack lustre attempts to implement IT infrastructure. This approach is often not cost effective. The costs associated with these inefficiencies is often unrecognized because there is no "check" being dispursed for the time spent.


If your organization's IT is falling short, consider the advantages of outsourcing your IT operations with MAXIM's TotalCare.

Outsourcing your organization's IT operations with MAXIM makes good sense. MAXIM can provide a complete range of consultant skills, technical tools, and services that would be virtually impossible for your organization to duplicate.


  • Total Care offers management of the following:
  1. Backup and disaster recovery
  2. Security
  3. Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions
  4. Internet connectivity management
  5. Server operations
  6. E-mail system management
  7. Routers & Switches
  8. Licensing auditing
  9. Asset & inventory management
  10. Support for vertical applications
  11. Preventative maintenance for all systems
  12. Strategic IT planning
  13. Comprehensive reporting


TotalCare features:

      1. A simple, scalable per-machine cost model that can grow or contract as your organization adjusts to changing business conditions and climates
      2. Service level guarantees
      3. Same-day priority support service
      4. Unlimited toll-free help desk support direct to skilled MAXIM consultants
      5. Purchase all name-brand hardware and software and wholesale costs! HP, Apple, IBM, Dell - it's all available to you at prices unavailable to the general public
      6. Regular strategy meetings with senior MAXIM IT personnel
      7. High-level, mid, and basic IT technical support
      8. On-site technical support
      9. Remote technical support
      10. A dedicated account manager
      11. Purchasing and asset retirement services
      12. Monitoring of critical IT systems including Internet connectivity, e-mail, and servers
      13. Full exploitation of installed applications to provide the maximum benefit
      14. Complete DNS management for your website and e-mail


  • Peace of Mind. It's almost like having a dedicated IT engineer on your staff.

To get started, call us today at 888.316.7660 or download the Total Care Brochure to get more information.