Systems Integration & Support Services


PC Support Services:

MAXIM Technologies is a company with years of experience in servicing and repairing computer equipment. We are committed to bringing you the best service and support. Make MAXIM Technologies, Inc. your choice for all your computing needs.

Virus/Spyware Removal
On-Site/Depot Repairs
Fast Turn-around
Maintenance Agreements
Hardware Recommendations
Help Desk Extension Services

MAXIM offers Help Desk resources to aid clients' IT departments in resolving desktop issues that are not application specific (i.e. MS-Word formatting problems, or MS-Word Mail Merge functions). These services provide support for:
Software/Hardware Installation & Upgrades
Operating System Installation/Upgrade/Service
Hardware Replacement/Repair/Movement
We offer three options for Help Desk Services:
Help Desk Assistance:
Under this option, MAXIM will provide the client with technicians to handle tasks as an extension of the client's current support personnel. An authorized client representative sends service requests to MAXIM via phone, fax, e-mail, and the Web.

Virtual IT Help Desk / Call Center:

This offering adopts MAXIM's in-house expertise to fulfill all of your help desk requirements excluding application specific issues as outlined above. Also there are provisions for remote network administration. The client's authorized employees are given an 800-support line to call and start a problem ticket. MAXIM addresses the problem within the time described in the contract.
Custom Help Desk Solutions:
Because our clients are so varied in their approach to desktop support, MAXIM provides the option for a custom tailored help desk solution. Our representatives will visit your site and analyze your particular needs. After the needs analysis, we will design and propose a custom Help Desk Plan.

Network Support:

Our service provides the customer with the benefit of an experienced Certified Network Engineer to assist in the planning of the proposed network. An evaluation of the network users' requirements and the available resources will correctly ascertain the best fit between current technology and the customer's request. The final objective is to design a network which is functional, easily maintained, and nonrestrictive.

Network Installation:

Installation is site specific and our experience in this area is derived from the successful implementation of various network architectures and operating systems available today.
Network Administration & Maintenance:
Networks don't administer themselves, however it is common for a customer to have minimal resources (if any) directed at this aim. We will provide this service to our customers on a contractual basis should it be required. Maintenance terms are also available in a similar fashion.



Experience & Expertise
MAXIM Technologies has been serving clients in the IT sector since 1992. Our client base includes SMB, as well as Fortune 500 companies with vastly different needs and infrastructures.


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Product Benefits

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