Systems Design Services


Custom Application Development

Though not always applicable, this service has the greatest potential to provide the best possible solution for a given situation. Off the shelf products are most often useful when the requirements are either non-specific or simple.

Many generic products are not extensible and inherently limit the users' possibilities.

The programmers at MAXIM are competent persons capable of individual and/or team effort design and implementation of a custom application. Our philosophy dictates that the user's involvement be maintained throughout the entire process. Experience has led us to believe that this is the best way to ensure that the customer's requests be adhered to.

MAXIM Technologies, Inc. will assist you with these and other considerations when choosing a platform for your database. We have experience in data modeling, normalization, replication, and reporting.

MAXIM Technologies has created client/server solutions for our customers on a global scale involving worldwide harmonization of data. Allow us to assist you with either the optimization of existing, or the design and implementation of new databases. Together we will provide you with a solution, which benefits your company, both today and tomorrow.

Software Modification & Extension

In the business world change is an expected phenomenon, not an unusual occurrence. As a result, the confidence placed in today's methods of information management is often short lived.

To allow the customer a return on the investment made in a system that has seemingly outlived its usefulness (major increase in data volume, changes in reporting requirement, etc.), we provide for software modification and extension.
Extensions can be provided through the creation of smaller applications and/or utility programs allowing for the fulfillment of your new requirements.

Our representatives, in conjunction with the users and other qualified members of your staff, will appraise your current situation and determine the best path for success.

Database Engineering Services

At MAXIM Technologies, Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver solutions that provide functionality and efficient use of information. At the core of most information management systems is the database. A database represents an organized collection of information to be stored for future use in analysis and reporting.

To allow for the best use of the information in a database it must be stored properly. With all of the available tools on the market (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) it may seem relatively easy to use databases.

Unfortunately, this is another case of appearances being deceiving. Database development requires preparation and is dependent upon a variety of variables.

Some early considerations include:
Anticipated volume of data.
Expected user community
Access restrictions
Number of active connections
Physical location of database.
Data Archival (active versus historical).
Performance modeling.



Experience & Expertise
MAXIM Technologies has been serving clients in the IT sector since 1992. Our client base includes SMB, as well as Fortune 500 companies with vastly different needs and infrastructures.

Solution Benefits

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