Spirit Cloud Backup


Our advanced, automated online backup service makes backup solutions (tape drive, zip, jaz, external & USB drives, CD-RW, DVD, Raid Drives, etc.) obsolete.

Our remote backup software is easy to install and simple to use. You can run the installation program from over the Internet, and install the software on the machine that contains the data you want to back up, or that can connect to the network drives you want to back up. During installation, you provide a password that is used to encrypt the data being backed up. This encryption ensures privacy and confidentiality during transmission to our secure data storage facility.

Once installation is complete just run the backup program and select the files you want to back up. You can create multiple backup sets with different options, including how often the you want to back up the files, which files to include in the backup, and the type of backup to perform.

bullet Full Backups -- Backs up every file you select, regardless if the file has changed or not. This method guarantees that all of your data is backed up on the date the backup is run. Should you ever need to restore your data, you won't have to restore any backups prior to this one.
bullet Incremental Backups -- Backs up only the files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup. This is the most commonly used backup method, since it avoids duplicate copies of the same file. Files that are backed up are marked, so they won't be backed up again until they are changed. If you have to restore your data, you will need to include each incremental backup since your last full backup to make sure all your files are up to date.
bullet Differential Backups -- Works like the incremental backup, except that files are not marked as backed up. Use this method to make multiple backups of the same file, or if you are using a tape backup system in addition to remote backup. 
BitBackup -- Only the parts of files that have changed will be backed up. This option creates sub-file or "patch" backups. This creates the smallest backups that take the least amount of time.


Once you have created your backup sets, the backup program continues to run in the background, waiting for the next scheduled time to run. When it's time to start a backup, the program determines the files that need to be backed up, and compresses and encrypts them. The program establishes a connection with our remote data storage facility, establishing a dial up connection if necessary. The encrypted files are then sent over the Internet, where they are safely stored in case you need them.

Should you ever need to restore your files, you start the backup program, and choose the restore option. You'll see a list of each backup you have run. Choose the files you want to restore, and they are sent back to your computer, then unencrypted and restored to where they came from.




Incremental nightly backups of your critical data
Various encryption profiles
Backup network drives, databases, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lotus and Oracle
Restore files for up to 30 days
Daily backup statistics via email
Installation & support