Priority Care

PriorityCare Support Plans

Do you need support fast when a problem arises?

MAXIM always strives to provide prompt service, but some clients may wish to receive priority attention for service. Accordingly, we offer two monthly support options to provide priority support: Same-Day service and Next-Day service.

These support add-ons (in addition to your Service Plan) provide a higher class of service. Customers who have PriorityCare get a higher priority in the event of a system failure or outage than customers without a priority service contract.

Same Day Service
Our Same Day PriorityCare service option will ensure that critical failures in both software and
hardware are responded to by the closed of business the same day that the problem is reported.
We will arrange to have someone address the issue the same day for issues reported through our
support channels by 12pm. All calls coming in after 12pm will be attempted in the same business
day, but may wait until the following business morning. In all cases, we will respond within 8
business hours.

Next Day Service
Our Next Day PriorityCare service option will ensure a response to your issue no later than the
close of business on the day following your critical failure.

To get started, call us today at 888.316.7660 or download the Priority Support brochure to get more information.