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Voice / Phone Systems & Installation

Buying a Phone System for your business can be confusing! At MAXIM Technologies, Inc. you'll find:

Business Phone Systems and voice communication systems that can be customized to the size of your small, medium, or enterprise business. From 3 lines 300 we can match your needs with a suitable system. Our pros can help you configure a Norstar phone system to suit your business phone needs and at a price that fits your budget perfect. When buying your phone system from MAXIM Technologies of New Jersey, you are guaranteed 100% service and dedication, reasonable prices, and super fast installations in the Greater New York/New Jersey area!

When shopping for a new office phone system for your business, our Metro NY/NJ customers we highly recommend the Norstar phone systems as one of the most affordable and reliable phone systems you could purchase. It's known the world over for wonderful feature sets and durability. It is also an easy phone system for your employees to learn how to use and implement.

Take a moment to call us at 888.316.7660 x232. We are located in Fair Haven NJ. Explain to us what you need from your phone system and how little money you need to spend. We will do everything possible to get you modern technology that suits your business needs at a price that works for you. We will explain your every option after analyzing your requirements. When you are on a tight budget, we recommend that you mix and match new and "like new" phone equipment to get the best value for the money. For instance, mixing a new Norstar Compact ICS phone system with refurbished T7316 phones is a great idea. You get a new cabinet and extremely fresh phones as the T7316's have only been on the market for less than a few years.