Basic Care


Basic Care

Today's Small-to-Medium (SMB)sized businesses know that watching the bottom line is a top priority. Everyday these SMBs are finding that information technology isn't optional anymore – even for smaller businesses. Every business owner knows it's critical to stay in contact with their suppliers and customers, automate operations, and gain every ounce of efficiency possible in order to remain competitive.

We help you minimize considerable hidden costs of PC ownership. We also minimize the daily disturbances involved with using and managing technology so that your business can continue to progress.

We view ourselves as an extension to your business and provide an additional resource which you may not have.

The solution is a MaxCare Basic Care service plan. For as little as $25 a day, a Basic Care plan
can provide your organization with significant benefits and the peace of mind that comes from knowing an
experienced and professional IT provider is monitoring your infrastructure. The idea behind Basic Care is simple; by having skilled professionals with the latest industry tools checking on your IT environment regularly, most problems can be caught while small thereby minimizing impact and saving you time.

Each Basic Care service plan is designed to target a client needs for the way their business operates. Some common features include:


  • On-site and remote support is included.

  • All Basic Care service plans include a predetermined amount service by a skilled MaxCare engineer.

  • We realize that while monitoring is an important premptive measure, nothing replaces the "hands-on" attention that a MaxCare engineer can provide.

  • Service can be provided either remotely or on-site as needed.

  • Additional support is just a phone call away. If a issue is found that your organization can't manage
    internally or if a sudden problem should occur, help from MAXIM is just a phone call away.

  • Affordable fixed-cost pricing.
  • With plans starting at just $149 per month, even the smallest organization can afford the peace of mind that a MaxCare Basic Care service plan provides.
  • Peace of Mind. It's almost like having a dedicated IT engineer on your staff.

To get started, call us today at 888.316.7660 or download the Basic Care Brochure to get more information.