LiftOff Client


The Lift Off system allows for the secure transport of documents via the Internet.  It supports the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and provides for content encryption during transport.  All information is sent to secure servers housed and managed by MAXIM Technologies, Inc.  The servers have signed certificates to support the SSL technology and data encryption utilized by the HTTPS protocol.  The client applications used to route the documents undergo the following steps for each transfer –

  1. Automatic login and license validation.
  2. Receive assigned token corresponding to validated license.
  3. Generate Lift Off file to accompany document transfer containing the following:
        1. Sender name
        2. License
        3. IP address
        4. Machine address (MAC)
        5. Document details
  4. Utilize token/encryption to transfer information.


The server certificate is strongly bound to a RSA key of 4096 bits.  Currently, 2048 or higher is recommended for RSA keys for secure communications and transport via the Internet.  For information regarding the Lift Off system or anything related to this statement please contact MAXIM Technologies, Inc.  You may email questions or concerns to



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