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Founded in October of 1992, MAXIM Technologies, Inc. is a consulting firm offering an array of products and services designed to aid its customers in the application of computing technology to information management. We couple our expertise with our customer's intimate knowledge of their respective businesses to provide solutions and strategies aimed toward systems integration, improved communications, minimizing redundancy and excellence in peformance.

Our Mission
To improve society by: Advancing growth and understanding in the use of computer technology as it applies to information management. Defining paths of achievement for both our customers and employees. Allowing users, computers, computing technology, and The Internet to cooperate efficiently, effectively, and without struggle. Promoting creativity by assisting in the transfer of redundant labor to machines.


Industry focused. MAXIM Technologies' software products and industry solutions help you innovate and become more flexible, while making the most of current resources and controlling costs


MAXIM Technologies brings you better solutions by keeping abreast of current technologies and helping customers to select which architectures to implement. We are aware that "new" does not necessarily translate to better


We believe that both security and end user productivity should work hand in hand, without trade-offs. Maxim Technologies provides security solutions that enable end users to work how and where they want - security that works with modern workforce needs.


MAXIM Technologies, Inc. offers you a full range of computer consulting services, including networking, installation, troubleshooting, security, virus protection, disaster prevention, client/server configurations, and more. We also provide support for industry specific applications such as CONCERT.

MaxCare Managed IT Services

The MaxCare Solution provides support, management, and strategic guidance in three areas; PC Management, Server Management, and Network Management. MAXIM will design a technology support plan that will meet your specific needs.

System Design Services

Though not always applicable, this service has the greatest potential to provide the best possible solution for a given situation. Off the shelf products are most often useful when the requirements are either non-specific or simple. Many generic products are not extensible and inherently limit the users' possibilities.

System Integration & Support

MAXIM Technologies is a company with years of experience in servicing and repairing computer equipment. We are committed to bringing you the best service and support. Make MAXIM Technologies, Inc. your choice for all your computing needs.

Spirit Remote Backup Service

Our advanced, automated online backup service makes backup solutions (tape drive, zip, jaz, external & USB drives, CD-RW, DVD, Raid Drives, etc.) obsolete

Structured Cabling

While it's practically impossible to accurately predict your future needs, you can easily prepare for them. MAXIM Technologies' Network Services is in the business of supplying solutions. As a provider of data networking, telecommunications and data cabling solutions, we can meet your business information, communication and data network requirements. We provide customized design services using products from the world's leading vendors, such as HP, Cisco, 3Com, Adtran, Lucent, Belden, Nortel, AMP and others and efficiently deliver them exactly where you need them

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems and voice communication systems that can be customized to the size of your small, medium, or enterprise business. From 3 lines 300 we can match your needs with a suitable system. Our pros can help you configure a Norstar phone system to suit your business phone needs and at a price that fits your budget perfect. When buying your phone system from MAXIM Technologies of New Jersey, you are guaranteed 100% service and dedication, reasonable prices, and super fast installations in the Greater New York/New Jersey area!

Why choose us?

We at MAXIM Technologies have formed a different kind of computer consulting firm. We emphasize the concept of needing to understand our customer's business before attempting to deliver a solution. Our business model is geared toward long term relationship or partnership building with each of our clients. While many computer companies focus only on the technology involved, often times ignoring the customers true needs, our focus is on you, the client. We make every effort to learn how you do business, recommend which tools you need to lower your costs and improve your productivity. We strive to provide you with the best resources available to improve your business.

With years of overlapping experience in all things IT, we come prepared to drive your systems forward at a measured, controlled and efficient pace.

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Staying on top of current technologies and trends is important in the IT world. We stay abreast of such information as a matter of fact. This allows us to serve you better.

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Service customers with Excellence since 1992. All new things aren't necessarily better. We will help you decide for your business which things are and are not a good fit.

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Through the years of our presence in the IT community, it has been our great pleasure to serve a host of interesting clients. Below are just a few of those in our customer base. We'd love to add your company to the list if there is a synergy to be explored.

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